Groton’s abundance of wetlands, ponds, and the watersheds of the Nashua and Squannacook Rivers  provide the perfect habitats to support seven common and rare species of turtles.

Turtles have walked the earth for more than 250 million years, but due to human activity, their numbers have declined dramatically in the last 100 years.  Loss of habitat, roadways, mowing, and predation are major obstacles to turtle survival.

Our mission is to reduce the high injury and  mortality rate of Groton's turtles on
 roads, to augment nesting habitat, and to educate the public about the many extraordinary attributes of turtles! With the public's help, we can create a safer environment for these amazing creatures.


The main goal is to map areas of frequent turtle road crossings and to have funds donated directly to the Groton Highway Department for the purchase and installation of “Caution Turtle Crossing” signs in critical locations. In addition, we hope  donations to the town will be used to establish turtle nesting areas on town and conservation land where appropriate. With these improvements and our collective stewardship,  we can help to insure that turtle populations thrive for generations to come.


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Turtle Happenings

June 2020: Look for us at RiverFest!

Come visit us at GrotonFest we will have raffles and other treats for children and adults interested in learning about turtles! 


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